Moody Judy

Jude, named after The Beatles song, "Hey Jude," is a moody little guy. That's why we have lovingly nicknamed him Moody Judy. He loves to snuggle, but only when he's in the mood. If he's not in the mood, forget about getting any cuddles out of him! But when he's ready, look out. He will physically force you to give him chest rubs (his favorite) and pets.  His sister, Penny, is also at Shepperly Farm... Read More About Jude



Snuggle Bug

Penny, named after The Beatles song "Penny Lane," wants to spend all day, every day, snuggling. She loves to lick, but that's just her way of giving a big kiss. She is dainty and sweet, but can still get wild. Her favorite activity, besides cuddling of course, is chasing the rabbits in the rabbit pen and zooming around the house.  Her brother, Jude, is also at Shepperly Farm Petting Zoo. ... Read More About Penny


Nigerian Dwarf Goat

The Queen of the Farm

7 was the first animal here at Shepperly Farm and the reason we started the petting zoo! She knows her name, and when you call her, she responds and trots right over. She is the friendliest girl and thinks she is a human, not a goat. She loves to cuddle, but takes it one step further by hopping up to cuddle in your lap whenever possible. Because she is the inspiration behind Shepperly Farm, and... Read More About 7


Nigerian Dwarf Goat

The Newest Goat Member

Sergeant was born on May 25, 2020 and is the tiniest goat to ever be born at Shepperly Farm Petting Zoo. Since he's still a baby, he loves to be held and cuddled. His favorite activity is bouncing. He loves to bounce all around his enclosure. He will even jump in your lap or onto your back! He loves to be around people! ... Read More About Sergeant


Nigerian Dwarf Goat

Small but Mighty

Ella, the tiniest Nigerian Dwarf at Shepperly Farm, and the only girl ever born here, is 7's daughter. She is also a new mom, having given birth to the newest member of the Shepperly Family, Sergeant. Ella loves nothing more than to be pet and give as many kisses as possible, and loves spending time with her best friend and mom, 7. ... Read More About Ella


Nigerian Dwarf Goat

Chill as a Cucumber

Gizmo is the most laid-back, relaxed, chill goat at Shepperly Farm. His beard and fancy pompadour make him extra adorable, and very popular with guests and the other goats. Gizmo loves the other goats at Shepperly and gets along with everyone. If you're looking for a relaxed goat to pet while you're here, Gizmo is as chill as they come.... Read More About Gizmo


Nigerian Dwarf Goat

Playful and Lovable Baby

Picasso is a lively and playful little baby and wants nothing more than love and attention from anyone who steps foot into the goat enclosure. From the minute Picasso was born at Shepperly Farm, he instantly bonded with us and stole our hearts. Picasso will stop at nothing to get some affection- even if that means playful nibbles on your clothes or hat! But don't worry, he doesn't actually want to eat your clothes- he... Read More About Picasso

The Great Disappearing Goat

Merlin the Wizard is a rescue and new to Shepperly Farm. He can perform great magic acts: from scaling the thinnest of fences, to disappearing and then reappearing out of nowhere. Since we took him in, Merlin has been a little guarded, but he is finally warming up enough to take snacks our of our hands. His long beard gives him an uncanny resemblance to the famed wizard Merlin himself.  ... Read More About Merlin the Wizard

Sisters and Best Friends

Reese's and Stella are sisters and the best of friends. They both love nothing more than to be scratched at the base of their horns. It's rare to find one of these girls without the other. They have a very special and close bond that is very fun to witness.... Read More About Reese's and Stella


Silver Spangled Hamburg

The Fastest Chicken at Shepperly

Tylene is a favorite at Shepperly Farm, and moves through the coop as fast as a road runner, which is a common trait in her breed, the Silver Spangled Hamburg. If you can catch her, she loves to be held (as long as you're gentle of course). She has beautiful, spotted feathers and is full grown even though she's smaller than a lot of the other chickens on the farm.   ... Read More About Tylene

Elton John

Mini Frizzle Rooster

The "King" of the Chickens

Elton John might look a little frazzled, but his frizzly feathers are what make him stand out. He's not be the biggest rooster at Shepperly Farm, but that doesn't bother him. He thinks he's the king nonetheless. His fluffy and unruly feathers perfectly match the over the top costumes of Elton John in the 1970s- and we love him for that.  ... Read More About Elton John


Barred Plymouth Rock

Big Softie

Rockadoodle is one of the biggest roosters at Shepperly, but he's also the most gentle. Don't let his size fool you- he's docile and calm and always ready for a pet. Majestic is another good description of Rockadoodle- he is a beautiful bird and has a very attractive color combination of feathers.  ... Read More About Rockadoodle


Rex Rabbit

A Sucker for Snuggles

Rabzilla, our Rex Rabbit rescue, loves to be held, cuddled and snuggled- and he is quite the ladies man. He is aptly named Rabzilla for his large size, even though half of it is fluff! Rabzilla's vertical ears and square head are perfect for rubbing gently. He is playful and intelligent and knows his velvety fur is so fun to touch!... Read More About Rabzilla


Mini Donkey

Will Work for Hugs

Freya lives for hugs. She will even go so far as to force you to hug her. If you squat down in front of her, she will physically put her head and neck around you, just to signal that she wants a hug. If she's laying down, she even loves if you lay on top of her belly for a full body hug. So get ready for some serious mini donkey snuggles during your time... Read More About Freya


Mini Donkey

Playful and Silly

Finn, lovingly known as "Finn a-lynn a-lynn," will take nose rubs and brushing over most things you could offer him. In fact, he loves being brushed so much that he will immediately roll in the dirt after being brushed-just do you have to brush him again. So, if you want to be Finn's favorite, get ready to brush! ... Read More About Finn

Lover of Belly Rubs

Bacon is a little guy who's favorite things are belly rubs and cheerios. Well, really all snacks in general. He will go to great lengths just to get a snack. While you're visiting Shepperly Farm, be sure to stop by and give Bacon's belly a nice long rub! ... Read More About Bacon

The House Pig

Though Izzy loves all snacks, her all-time favorite is marshmallows. She is called the house pig because she often times weasels her way into the house, and before you know it she's laying on the couch wrapped in a blanket. We wouldn't have it any other way, because all Izzy wants is love and snuggles. ... Read More About Izzy Piggie

Gentle Giant

Jimmy Dean is the biggest and most gentle pig at Shepperly Farm. He might be a pig, but sometimes he behaves more like a dog! When it's snack time, if you call Jimmy's name, he will come running for snacks no matter where you are! He even knows how to shake- except he does it with his nose. He may be large and in charge, but don't let his size make you nervous. There is... Read More About Jimmy Dean


Appaloosa Mini Horse

Everybody's Best Friend

Pickles is one of the most lovey-dovey and friendliest animals at Shepperly Farm. If you give him one pet, you're done for, because he won't leave you alone the rest of your visit! Once you are friends with Pickles, you are friends with Pickles forever. Pickles is always ready to be loved on and pet, so make sure to go out of your way and give him some attention during your next visit to Shepperly... Read More About Pickles