The Queen of the Farm

Nigerian Dwarf Goat

7 was the first animal here at Shepperly Farm and the reason we started the petting zoo! She knows her name, and when you call her, she responds and trots right over. She is the friendliest girl and thinks she is a human, not a goat. She loves to cuddle, but takes it one step further by hopping up to cuddle in your lap whenever possible. Because she is the inspiration behind Shepperly Farm, and she runs the place, she is lovingly known as the Queen of the Farm.

A Look At 7

Fun Facts About This Species
Nigerian Dwarf Goats can produce 3-4 pounds of milk per day! Their milk is 6 to 10 percent higher in butterfat and higher in protein than milk from most dairy goat breeds. Much of the time, Nigerian Dwarf Goats are not bred for milk production, but rather for companionship. Nigerian Dwarf Goats are lovable, playful, gentle and mild mannered. 

Their relaxed attitudes make them the perfect backyard pet and their small size means they don't require as much space as larger goat breeds. They are the perfect pet for small children, the elderly and every age in between. They are considered an easy animal to take care of if you have the space and the right enclosure to keep them happy.

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