Lover of Belly Rubs

Spotted Warthog & Vietnamese cross

Bacon is a little guy who's favorite things are belly rubs and cheerios. Well, really all snacks in general. He will go to great lengths just to get a snack. While you're visiting Shepperly Farm, be sure to stop by and give Bacon's belly a nice long rub! 

A Look At Bacon

Fun Facts About This Species
Winston Churchill said "Dogs look up to you. Cats look down to you. Give me a PIG! He looks you straight in the eye and treats you as equal".

In Irish tradition, if you mention a pig while fishing, it's bad luck!

Their snouts guide the way! They are an integral part in how pigs find food in the ground and how they sense the world around them. Their snouts are 2000 times more sensitive than a human's nose.

Currently in the world, there are more than two billion pigs! That's a lot of snorting!

Within 2 weeks of being born, piglets know their mothers' voices and come when their mothers call for them. They can even learn their names in that 2 week period as well.

Researchers have found that pigs are constantly communicating with one another. There have been more than 20 different vocalizations identified.

Though they often appear muddy, pigs are actually very clean animals. They are one of the few animals that keep their toilet areas far away from where they eat and sleep.

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