Small but Mighty

Nigerian Dwarf Goat

Ella, short for 11, because of her face markings, is the tiniest Nigerian Dwarf at Shepperly Farm.  

A Look At Ella

Fun Facts About This Species
Dwarf does can have several kids at a time. Three or four are common, but even giving birth to 5 kids at once is not unusual. On average each kid weighs 2 pounds at birth. The average gestation period is between 4.5-5 months. Many breeders breed their Nigerian Dwarf does 3 times in 2 years, giving them a 6 month break from breeding.

An exciting trait in Nigerian Dwarf Goats? They come in a large variety of colors and regardless of the parents fur color, you never know what color the babies will be when they're born. Many goats are even born one color and change colors as they age. They can be black, chocolate, or gold- and any combination of those colors is entirely possible. Brown eyes are the most common in Nigerian Dwarf Goats, but blue eyes are becoming increasingly popular as well. 

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