Playful and Silly

Mini Donkey

Finn, lovingly known as "Finn a-lynn a-lynn," will take nose rubs and brushing over most things you could offer him. In fact, he loves being brushed so much that he will immediately roll in the dirt after being brushed-just do you have to brush him again. So, if you want to be Finn's favorite, get ready to brush! 

A Look At Finn

Fun Facts About This Species
Mini donkeys are very popular as pets mainly because of their gentle and docile personalities. They also tend to have very cautious personalities, and will refuse to do anything that seems threatening. This is why mini donkeys, and full sized donkeys, have the reputation for being stubborn.

Mini donkeys, and donkeys in general, are considered to be very easy to take care of. They could even survive on hay alone, although they really enjoy grass as their primary food. They are also known to snack on other shrubs and desert plants. It is very important not to overfeed miniature donkeys, if this happens they will develop a fat roll on their necks that will be their for the rest of their life.

The average gestation period for a mini donkey is 12 months and when foals are born they weigh anywhere from 18 to 25 pounds. Within 30 minutes of being born, foals are already up and ready to nurse. With proper care, mini donkeys can live well into their 30s.

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