Friend to all

Old English Sheepdog

Nana is our animal protector in training. She is often inside our home during tours but you always ask to meet her!... Read More About Nana
Beautiful Steer Calf

Scottish Highland

Meet Ragnar.... Read More About Ragnar
Princess Jealousy


No matter the time of day or night, Petunia is always the first piggy to want a belly rub! She will instantly lay down for you and beg for a scratching. Being the latest daughter of Izzy, she is the only gilt on the farm. ... Read More About Petunia
Lover of Belly Rubs

Spotted Warthog & Vietnamese cross

Bacon is a little guy who's favorite things are belly rubs and cheerios. Well, really all snacks in general. He will go to great lengths just to get a snack. While you're visiting Shepperly Farm, be sure to stop by and give Bacon's belly a nice long rub! ... Read More About Bacon
The Mama

Vietnamese Pot Belly

Though Izzy loves all snacks, her all-time favorite is marshmallows. She is the wonderful mother to Bacon and Petunia. So full of character and pizazz. You'll love meeting this very buoyant princess. ... Read More About Izzy Piggie
Gentle Giant

Juliana Pig

Jimmy Dean is the biggest and most gentle pig at Shepperly Farm. He might be a pig, but sometimes he behaves more like a dog! When it's snack time, if you call Jimmy's name, he will come running for snacks no matter where you are! He even knows how to shake- except he does it with his nose. He may be large and in charge, but don't let his size make you nervous. There is no sweeter pig anywhere! ... Read More About Jimmy Dean
Everybody's Best Friend

Appaloosa Mini Horse

Pickles is one of the most lovey-dovey and friendliest animals at Shepperly Farm. If you give him one pet, you're done for, because he won't leave you alone the rest of your visit! Once you are friends with Pickles, you are friends with Pickles forever. Pickles is always ready to be loved on and pet, so make sure to go out of your way and give him some attention during your next visit to Shepperly Farm.  ... Read More About Pickles
Shy and sweet

Grey Mini Horse

Welcome our newest member of the family to Shepperly Farm. ... Read More About Lagertha
The doorman

Quarter Horse

The first animal to greet you at Shepperly Farm, Doc is one of the friendliest animals around. Being a rescue and battling a neurological disorder, Doc is night and day different from when he first arrived here at the farm. You can be assured you'll make a friend for life as he follows you around the corral looking for love.... Read More About Doc
Mother to all

Mini Donkey

Big Mama is around 19 years old and has happily had several babies in her life. Two of which, we have hear at Shepperly Farm.  She is the BEST mother and loves her babies greatly.  She is always the first to bray when you get home or if it's feeding time.  ... Read More About Big Mama
Will Work for Hugs

Mini Donkey

Freya lives for hugs. She will even go so far as to force you to hug her. If you squat down in front of her, she will physically put her head and neck around you, just to signal that she wants a hug. If she's laying down, she even loves if you lay on top of her belly for a full body hug. So get ready for some serious mini donkey snuggles during your time at Shepperly Farm! ... Read More About Freya
Sassy and Energetic

Mini Donkey

Being our youngest donkey on the farm Anya is full of sass and energy. She usually starts most the ruckus and loves to race her mom and sister! Believe it or not, at over two years old, she still nurses on her mama!... Read More About Anya
Darling Babydoll Sheep


So friendly to pet through the fence, but not inside it. He's very territorial and if you go in with him.. well, rams ram. Super soft to pet but itchy to wear! this sweet boy loves a good chin rub.... Read More About Dodge
Step Brothers

Fainting Goats

Two of our friendliest goats at the farm, Dale and Brennan are sure to grab your attention and sometimes even demand it as they follow you throughout the farm. ... Read More About Dale and Brennan
Playful and Lovable Baby

Nigerian Dwarf Goat

Picasso is a lively and playful little baby and wants nothing more than love and attention from anyone who steps foot into the goat enclosure. From the minute Picasso was born at Shepperly Farm, he instantly bonded with us and stole our hearts. Picasso will stop at nothing to get some affection- even if that means playful nibbles on your clothes or hat! But don't worry, he doesn't actually want to eat your clothes- he just wants you to pet him!  ... Read More About Picasso
Escape artist

Nigerian & Mountain goat mix

Always sneaking out of the gate Ringo is a handful! He is named Ringo because of his insane hairdo!... Read More About Ringo
Small and sweet

Nubian Nigerian mix

Born on the same day as Frost.... Read More About Dotty
The Queen of the Farm

Nigerian Dwarf Goat

7 was the first animal here at Shepperly Farm and the reason we started the petting zoo! She knows her name, and when you call her, she responds and trots right over. She is the friendliest girl and thinks she is a human, not a goat. She loves to cuddle, but takes it one step further by hopping up to cuddle in your lap whenever possible. Because she is the inspiration behind Shepperly Farm, and she runs the place, she is lovingly known as the Queen of the Farm.... Read More About 7
Small but Mighty

Nigerian Dwarf Goat

Ella, short for 11, because of her face markings, is the tiniest Nigerian Dwarf at Shepperly Farm.   ... Read More About Ella
Sisters and Best Friends

Nubian Goats

Reese's and Stella are sisters and the best of friends. They both love nothing more than to be scratched at the base of their horns. It's rare to find one of these girls without the other. They have a very special and close bond that is very fun to witness.... Read More About Reese's and Stella
Playful and Silly

Mini Donkey

Finn, lovingly known as "Finn a-lynn a-lynn," will take nose rubs and brushing over most things you could offer him. In fact, he loves being brushed so much that he will immediately roll in the dirt after being brushed-just do you have to brush him again. So, if you want to be Finn's favorite, get ready to brush! ... Read More About Finn
Soft and small

Flops and Rex's

Our rabbits live in a colony, not little cages.... Read More About Rabbits and Bunnies
Feathery friends

Many different kinds

We have several kinds of birds here on the farm. ... Read More About Chickens, Ducks, and Turkeys
tiny and soft


Guinea pigs are native to South America.... Read More About Guinea pigs
Big and hairy

Abyssinian Guinea Pig

The Dude is the oldest guinea pig here at Shepperly Farm.  He is a little shy at first, but once you hold him, he will be your best friend!... Read More About The Dude
Princess of the Piggos

Abyssinian Guinea Pig

With Satin black fur and ears like leather, Sapphire wants to be your Bestie! She will be as happy as a hog if you give her a good ear rub!... Read More About Sapphire
A little nervous but sweet

American Guinea Pig

This little guy just loves to cuddle, show him some love and he'll be your number one fan!... Read More About Shepherd

Quarter Horse

Buddy is the oldest horse on our farm, over the hill at 30 years old! He is a little shy but very sweet. ... Read More About Buddy

Miniature Horse

Best friends with Spirit and Buddy, Little buddy, nicknamed Dill, is one of the nicest animals on the farm!... Read More About Little Buddy (Dill)

miniature horse

Our smallest horse on the farm, Spirit is full of spunk!... Read More About spirit
Picasso the second


Super friend in training, his dad is the friendliest and he is on his way!... Read More About Thor

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