Izzy Piggie

The Mama

Vietnamese Pot Belly

Though Izzy loves all snacks, her all-time favorite is marshmallows. She is the wonderful mother to Bacon and Petunia. So full of character and pizazz. You'll love meeting this very buoyant princess. 

A Look At Izzy Piggie

Fun Facts About This Species
Think because of their size that pigs are slow? Think again! Pigs can run as fast as 11 miles per hour. That's a 7 minute mile!

Pigs are very peaceful animals and rarely show any type of aggression, unless a mother pig feels her young are being threatened or provoked.

The term "pig out" is misleading. Pigs are known to eat slowly and savor their food. This makes sense because pigs have 15,000 tastebuds- compare that to humans' 9000 tastebuds and it's easy to see they love and appreciate their food so much!

Pigs drink up to 14 gallons of water each day!

Pigs are popular pets for people with allergies because they have hair and not fur and do not shed.

Full grown males are boars, and young males are shoats. Early neutered males are barrows, and if they are neutered late in life they are known as stags. Virgin females are gilts, and a mature female is a sow. all babies are piglets.

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