Jude Wallaby

Moody Judy

Jude, named after The Beatles song, "Hey Jude," is a moody little guy. That's why we have lovingly nicknamed him Moody Judy. He loves to snuggle, but only when he's in the mood. If he's not in the mood, forget about getting any cuddles out of him! But when he's ready, look out. He will physically force you to give him chest rubs (his favorite) and pets. 

His sister, Penny, is also at Shepperly Farm Petting Zoo. 

Pictures of Jude

Shepperly Farm Fun Facts

Wallabies are marsupials and members of the kangaroo family.

Wallabies can weigh anywhere from 4 to 53 pounds. The largest wallaby can measure 6 feet from head to tail.

Wallabies, like kangaroos, have very powerful hind legs and tails. They use their tails for balance and they use their hind legs to hop along at high speeds and to jump great distances. Their hind legs are also used for delivering powerful kicks when two males are in a battle.

Wallabies are herbivores and mainly eat different plants and grasses.

Some wallabies prefer to live more solitary, while others can live and feed in groups of up to 50 other wallabies. This group of wallabies is called a mob.

In the wild, the lifespan of a wallaby is around 9 years.

Shepperly Farm Petting Zoo

Where Fur and Fun Meet

Join us at Shepperly Farm Petting Zoo, where our animals are family. We have over 100 animals who love to be around people. All of our animals love to be pet, scratched and loved on by our visitors to the farm. We hope you come to Shepperly Farm and learn something new and leave with a new found appreciation and respect for animals. But it's not just animals here- we also have concessions, yard games and a party room with vintage, coin-operated arcade games. 

So come down to the farm, relax, and have fun with our furry pals! 

Shepperly Farm Petting Zoo

Meet Our Furry Friends

We are proud to have over 100 animals at our petting zoo for your family to enjoy. All of our animals are taken care of and loved every day. We have wallabies, chickens, goats, alpacas, rabbits, donkeys, ponies, ducks, pigs and more. During your time here, feel free to pet, scratch and love on all of the animals who call this farm home. Animals can provide great comfort and relaxation, so we hope your soul feels refreshed after visiting Shepperly Farm Petting Zoo in Cañon City, Colorado.

Enjoy meeting all of our furry friends here at Shepperly Farm Petting Zoo!