Playful and Lovable Baby

Nigerian Dwarf Goat

Picasso is a lively and playful little baby and wants nothing more than love and attention from anyone who steps foot into the goat enclosure. From the minute Picasso was born at Shepperly Farm, he instantly bonded with us and stole our hearts. Picasso will stop at nothing to get some affection- even if that means playful nibbles on your clothes or hat! But don't worry, he doesn't actually want to eat your clothes- he just wants you to pet him! 

A Look At Picasso

Fun Facts About This Species
Nigerian Dwarf Goats are great goats to keep around because they often nibble on things that other animals won't eat, which can come in handy in keeping pastures clear of unwanted weeds and plants. They will even eat poison oak and poison ivy! 

Nigerian Dwarf Goats even like to have toys in their pen to play with, because they are such a playful breed. They love to climb up to the top of structures or piles of stuff for some fun. Setting up a space for them to play is a great way to keep them happy even if you don't have a ton of space for your goats to roam.

Always make sure your fence is tall enough that they can't jump over, otherwise you might be organizing a goat search party around your neighborhood! 

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