Reese's and Stella

Sisters and Best Friends

Nubian Goats

Reese's and Stella are sisters and the best of friends. They both love nothing more than to be scratched at the base of their horns. It's rare to find one of these girls without the other. They have a very special and close bond that is very fun to witness.

A Look At Reese's and Stella

Fun Facts About This Species
Goats were one of the first animals to be brought to America. They came over with Jamestown colonists and were considered to be among some of their most prized possessions.

Most people know that goat babies are called kids. But did you know that when a goat gives birth to her young, it's called 'kidding?' Once they are born, goat kids have their own unique call and scent. This is how goat mothers recognize their young, not by sight.

A mature healthy male goat can father anywhere from 20 to 40 kids in his lifetime!

Goats have four stomachs. Their food goes through each one before being fully processed.

Goats burp! This is because of their rumen, AKA the first stomach. This stomach holds four to five gallons of plant material in a mature goat. This is where that plant material is broken down and fermented. The fermentation produced gas which is why goats have a tendency to belch!

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