Tylene Silver Spangled Hamburg

The Fastest Chicken at Shepperly

Tylene is a favorite at Shepperly Farm, and moves through the coop as fast as a road runner, which is a common trait in her breed, the Silver Spangled Hamburg. If you can catch her, she loves to be held (as long as you're gentle of course). She has beautiful, spotted feathers and is full grown even though she's smaller than a lot of the other chickens on the farm. 


Pictures of Tylene

Shepperly Farm Fun Facts

Silver Spangled Hamburgs are a very old breed of chickens, dating all the way back to the 14th century in Holland.

They don't grow very big, so they are an economical breed to keep because they don't eat as much as many other chicken breeds who grow larger.

They were very popular in Holland and England, and are very prolific layers of white eggs. So much so, that they were known as "Dutch Everyday Layers." Hamburgs mature much quicker than many other breed of chicken. So this means you will get those eggs quicker then you would with many other mature breeds. 

They have attractive feathers and color patters and were even among the chickens showed at the first ever poultry show in nineteenth century England. The way in which their feathers lay makes them appear to be polka dotted. 

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Join us at Shepperly Farm Petting Zoo, where our animals are family. We have over 100 animals who love to be around people. All of our animals love to be pet, scratched and loved on by our visitors to the farm. We hope you come to Shepperly Farm and learn something new and leave with a new found appreciation and respect for animals. But it's not just animals here- we also have concessions, yard games and a party room with vintage, coin-operated arcade games. 

So come down to the farm, relax, and have fun with our furry pals! 

Shepperly Farm Petting Zoo

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