Big Mama

Mother to all

Mini Donkey

Big Mama is around 19 years old and has happily had several babies in her life. Two of which, we have hear at Shepperly Farm.  She is the BEST mother and loves her babies greatly.  She is always the first to bray when you get home or if it's feeding time. 

Fun Facts About This Species
A bray is the "eeh awe" sound you hear when a donkey is excited!

Donkeys live in small herds.

They do NOT like rain or snow and being in it for too long can make them sick as their fur is not water proof.

Donkeys don't like being alone and can live happily with adult goats!

Donkeys choose the strongest donkey to be their leader. Even if it's domesticated.

They are great guard animals.

They groom each other, much like monkeys!

Donkeys are often fielded with horses to help calm down nervous horses.

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